Our Story

When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.

Here at Dandelion Wishes we are all about finding the joy around us -                                                                                                                                                                          about seeing those wishes and spreading them for all to enjoy.

Hi there! I'm Aretta,

owner and designer behind Dandelion Wishes. I have always loved to create things - especially little things that are made just for someone special and sure to bring smiles of joy.

Dandelion Wishes all started five years ago when, needing funds to pay for some unexpected expenses, I decided to sell some of my personalized designs as prints and signs on Etsy.

Another thing I love is photos! After a few months of making signs, I had the idea to add clips to my designs to create photo frames. They could be customized and display a favorite photo - what's better than that! These personalized frames quickly became a favorite with my customers and we've been blessed to create more than 35,000 frames.

This journey has been an amazing one and as my little business has grown, I'm so grateful for the lives I've been able to touch. I now have the world's most awesome team to help me and our workshop is a place filled with fun and laughter.

Our mission is to spread joy with each of our products. I love helping my customers create a special and meaningful, unique gift - one that is sure to be received with a smile. Each frame or sign is handmade just for you and can be personalized for a special touch.

I believe the world can always use more smiles and it's my hope that the products we create for you will spread around a little joy, just as dandelion wishes scatter in the breeze.

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